Sin Límites / Limitless (Int’l Innovation Conference in Arica, Chile)

Chris Miller (illuminomics, USA/DEU), Carmen Vargas (Techopark, Peru), Dr. Eric Hansen (ETG, USA), Tadashi Takaoka (Corfo, Chile)

Experts visualize potential for Arica y Parinacota – original article El Morro cotudo, 2016-08-12

After three days, the First Summit Limitless, supported by Corfo, came to an end, leaving clear that there is sufficient raw material to develop the area and the Andean Macro Region.

Although there is no recipe or an ideal way to achieve success for the economic development of a territory, international experts, participating in the First Summit Limitless Innovation and Entrepreneurship supported by Corfo, gave their suggestions to formulate Arica and Parinacota into a great center of innovation and entrepreneurship for the Macro Andean Region.

Americans Chris Miller and Dr. Eric Hansen along with the Peruvian Carmen Vargas and Chilean Tadashi Takaoka (Corfo) participated in a press conference with regional media, at which they contributed their ideas from their great experience and advised the community to imbibe the reality in which they live, “because things are happening in Arica and are very transcendent”, they agreed.

Remember that this summit brought together over 1,000 people from Bolivia, Peru and Chile during the three days which took place in the Saucache campus of the University of Tarapaca through this event organized Wakilabs, Emprediem, Fraunhofer, Nielsen Consultants, Imagine Business Lab Microsoft and UTA with the support of the Regional Government and the Regional Council.


American Chris Miller Iluminomics, advised the region to follow successful examples occuring in other parts of the world. “Arica should take examples that have already occurred in other parts of the planet, which is relatively long but not so complicated. Arica has the opportunity today by an alliance of Corfo, Wakilabs and Tacna to collaborate, communicate, create. It is an opportunity for Tacna and Arica to grow together. “

Dr. Eric Hansen of the United States stressed that to succeed you need to be visionary and collaborative. “With vision and collaboration can be achieved innovate in favor of Arica and Andean Macro Region. You have to have people working around concrete projects with passion, measuring results, much perseverance and financial support to provide continuity. That is, to have leaders acting with various initiatives and insurance together make the difference. “

Peruvian Carmen Vargas, president of the Technology Park “Technopark” invited aricans and tacnians to engage in the development of both neighboring regions. “Definitely Arica has great potential, mainly because of its commercial wealth through Tacna, creating and possessing merit for the incredible undertaking that deserves the support of Corfo. Yes, it is necessary that society learned that things here are going well and commit to development “.

As Tadashi Takaoka, assistant manager Funding Early Corfo, stated “learn to engage in undertaking”. “That’s why we invested not only in entrepreneurs, but also because it needs an ecosystem, in order to draw on what you’ve learned and approach the entities in the ecosystem to learn and understand and have the basic tools to move forward, should a recommendation go wrong. And always focus on the challenge or problem, because the solution comes later. ”

At closing of this edition the awards ceremony of the winners of Bootcamp and pitch corner, those who left make clear that there is sufficient time to develop and enhance the raw material of Andean Macro Region.

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