Grow Your Economy

E D I A B  is a community catalyst web platform that helps accelerate the growth of a diverse, higher-wage economy by connecting people, businesses and your community together.

It is about engaging people in your community and giving them the information, confidence and vision in ways that improve your community.

E D I A B - Features

Community Branding

Tell your community and business success stories
One-stop portal page for your community
Featured Communities
Community branding
Photo gallery

Business Growth

Job posting board to present local employment opportunities
Resume posting board to present your local talent
Business and organization directories to present local resources
Product profiles to present locally produced goods

Community Engagement

Activity & event calendar to highlight local happenings
Real estate space finder
Synchronized with Google maps


Low setup and running cost
Easy to own and maintain
Powerful administrative features
Easy to import and export your community data


Easy to use, search and navigate
Modern, clean, intuitive design
Multi-Language support
Powerful & flexible search


E D I A B  combines regional branding, community collaboration, business growth, marketing and local marketplace in a single web-based technology platform that accelerates the economic growth you want by connecting your community to itself and to larger the world.

E D I A B  is the “Swiss Army knife”, one-stop-shop development tool for quickly creating a vital entrepreneurial ecosystem and the engaged citizenry needed for a community to compete and prosper in the modern economy