About Us

Chris Miller, the founder of illuminomics, spent years working in economic development, technology and business. As a technologist, he has held executive positions in major early Internet companies.

As an economic developer he has put into practice programs that created jobs and wage growth. And as a social and business entrepreneur he has created and participated in the launch and running of successful non-profit and businesses ventures.

illuminomics llc, founded in 2007, evolved from these successes to deliver the best practices gained from years of experience with people, projects and programs. Not only do we draw on our extensive knowledge, past projects and learnings, we also have access to the brain-power of our global network of dozens of sharp subject-matter-experts.

Depending upon the project, we have the ability to bring in deep expertise from just about any discipline needed to solve problems at the intersection of technology, community and commerce.

The illuminomics brain-trust is our network of trusted experts, advisers, partners and practitioners who enjoy the challenge of finding solutions that help organizations and communities perform better.

Meet The Team